About FCC Clutch India

Corporate Profile
Established in 27th Feb, 1997
Area of Business

Manufacturer of Clutches for Four Wheelers

Manufacturer of Clutches For Two Wheelers

Cork Base Clutch Friction Disc

Cellulose (Paper) Base Clutch Friction Disc

About FCC Clutch India

FCC CLUTCH INDIA PVT. LTD.  manufactures clutches through an integrated system extending from research and development of frictional materials to assembly of clutches. The scope of our business has been steadily expanding in stride with the development of the automotive industry, enabling F.C.C. to claim the top worldwide share in motorcycle clutches. Our global production system consists of 22 manufacturing facilities covering 10 overseas countries in addition to our Japanese facilities.

Amidst today’s unrelenting competition over which manufacturer can produce the automotive parts with the highest performance, best quality, and lowest cost while maintaining ample supplies on a global level, the F.C.C. group mission is to be a company that can be counted on for safety and respect for the environment and to meet customers’ every need with an uninterrupted supply of innovative products incorporating advanced technology. Our mission also encompasses fostering our contribution to the world community and building a business structure that can adapt to changing circumstances. By fulfilling this mission, we will perfect our development into a corporate group known as “F.C.C." that bears its presence throughout the world.