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Quality never happens by chance. It is always a result of planned and sustained effort.

In order to meet global customer quality standards it becomes ne cessary to maintain the high standards of product & process quality. FCC INDIA is committed to an ongoing quality improvement philosophy with our quality control trying to follow global systems.

Our plant has high precision equipment procured from reputed manufacturers world wide to precisely help in meeting this goal.

We at FCC INDIA can proudly claim that a stringent quality control system is followed for all products at various stages so that we are able to ensure that the final product that reaches the customer is of high quality & assures satisfaction of the performance standards demanded by customers.

Quality is ensured through repeated mechanized and human checks by subjecting the products to a variety of tests to ensure that the clutches have the desired dimensional accuracy and performance characteristics.

All our products are manufactured in compliance with the quality criteria of the automobile industry and with main motto of “Zero defect supplies”

We have a inbuilt robust and strong quality system which covers all our products at various stages of development and manufacturing.

In terms of quality assurance,too, FCC INDIA accredition with QS 9000, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 has boosted its reputation for reliability by leaps and bounds.

  IMS Policy

In order to address the Quality, Health and Environmental matters at one time, Integrated Management System (IMS) has been put in place. The company IMS policy states :-

Total customer satisfaction by achieving market leadership.

Cost effective quality and in time delivery.

Continual improvement in all activities.

Protecting environment through waste minimisation and resource conservation.

Complying with all applicable legal and other requirements.

Creating a safe workplace by prevention of injury and ill health.

There are extensive testing and inspection facilities right from the stage when the raw material enters the factory till the finished product leaves our place and these facilities are as follows:

  Testing facilities for carrying out quality assurance
CMM Co-ordinate Measuring Machine - For checking of point to point dimensions
FORMTRACER - For Contour, surface roughness confirmation
ROUNDNESS TESTING MACHINE - Checking roundness and cylindricity
SPRING TESTER – For Checking spring characteristics
HARDNESS TESTER - For confirming material hardness
TORQUE TESTER - For Clutch torque confirmation
PROFILE PROJECTOR - For confirmation of profile.
ODR - For checking properties of friction material.

The growth of any company depends on the quality of its manpower. For enriching our manpower we at FCC CLUTCH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. conduct periodical in-house training to train workers directly involved in manufacturing about the various technical aspects of the process.
To see that there is proper and effective implementation of quality system, all the employees are compulsorily educated on QS awareness and on its various requirements. APQP review meeting as per QS/TS regulations are also held periodically.

Training on safety precaution, material preservation, maintenance, 5s is common feature which contribute towards increasing the overall level of working skill and efficiency of workers.

We also take special interest to see that the management is made familiarize with the latest technical developments in our field by conducting regular training sessions for them.

The workers are also sent to other overseas plants of our parent company office to familiarise with the work environment, culture & productivity level of FCC other bases. For eg. Japan, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines are a few bases where worker have been given on job training on hi-tech machines & equipments.

Whenever there is any technical problem there are brainstorming sessions in order to tackle it efficiently. Special Quality circle teams have been formed to share the kaizen activities of FCC India on common plate form with our customers and vendors.