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FCC INDIA has a strong integrated production system with wide range of rugged, high-speed automatic machines to achieve high level of accuracy of clutch parts. Our facilities also include machines ranging from simple general-purpose machines to specialized CNC machines, which are fine tuned to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

All our equipments ensure a high level of consistency in operations, thereby giving us the much-needed extra edge over our competitors.
The in-house manufacturing facilities, which are presently at FCC INDIA are as follows:

The paper base clutch friction Disc is made of heat –resistant cellulose, cotton fibers and copper wires moulded together. Cellulose is used to prolong life of the clutch and provide more torsional strength. Paper CFD has more life than cork base friction material as it possess :-

More heat resistant property
Low wear and tear characteristics
High endurance
Low warranties

To support the manufacturing of Paper Base Clutch Friction Disc we have brought a high tech customised machine have been imported from Japan. In addition, other dedicated SPM small SPM machine are available to perform & support the different other operations of aforesaid machine.

The cork base clutch friction Disc is made of heat–resistant, non-asbestos cork, cotton fibers and copper wires moulded together. Grooves are cut into the friction material to aid cooling and release of the clutch Disc. In some cases, rivets are used to bond the friction material to both sides of the metal body of the Disc.

To support manufacturing of cork material & Clutch Friction Disc we have lined up a set of SPM's to perform individual special processes. Some of the SPM include Kneeder, Roller, Presses, Moulding Machine & Deflashers.

In order to maintain & sustain the accuracy of clutch parts, imported CNC machines are available to perform operations with highest degree of accuracy.

There are SPM's available to perform repeated operations with same degree of accuracy.

We have established an inhouse pressing facility area where the critical parts of clutches like clutch plate & core plate are produced. These parts are subjected to severe quality tests & inspection so that there are no chances of any commulative error on clutch due to these parts. Some of the press facility includes :-

Press (with Decoiler & Feeder) - 160 Ton
Sand Blast Machine
Washing Machine

In four Wheeler clutch Assembly there is critical operation of assembly of flywheel and Ring Gear. The assembly is done on principle of heat contraction and expansion. This shrink fit SPM has been equipped with all the mechanism to perform this critical operation with same accuracy.